Been to Billo so many times now, (just recently went there). Simply the best icecream, amazing flavours (personal favorite are peshawari, crunch and mango). Just cant wait to go again. It is no doubt one of the best icecream parlours in the city. If you havent tried it I defenitely recommend you should. One of my favorite places to go to.

Maaz Karasev

One of best places serving fresh ice cream in a very unique way which has never been done before in Dubai. I love all of their flavors, their ice creams are flawless and they make it exactly how its supposed to be made. The guys at Billo are always polite, quick service, amazing décor, good food. Perfect in every way.

Zaki Murad

Great idea... awesome ambiance... went there tonight.. The owner was actually turning off the lights as it was closing time... but lights immediately lit up as he saw us approaching... The Pakistani community should definitely promote the place - not only as it serves great tasting desi style ice cream.. but also because of its great customer service!!

Sabin Muzaffar

Everything is mouthwatering We tried all almost , the best of them r yummiest pista and peshawari faloda , mouth watering punjabi faloda, chat pati mix chat , club sandwich, all these things "paisa Wasol " Thanks Bilo

Memoona Sajid

This place is very cute with a unique and vibrant decor. I loved their crunch ice cream. Very different from other ice creams. They also make a very delicious mango milkshake. Our order was served within 5 minutes. All in all, a great experience. Also, I love the comical names of their shakes and faloodas.

Ms Jay

Hello Billo ice cream. I'm a big big fan of ur Peshawari Falooda. I also love ur mango shake. Every weekend I'm at ur branch in Ghusais on Damascus Street. My kids too aged 9 & 2 r a great fan of ur shakes and ice creams. Have tried all ur Falooda... All r good... But Peshawari is the bestest of best.

Ruba Haris

Forgot eating at Baskin Robin The best flavoured ice cream and shakes in Town

Tanweer Hussain Mughal

The only place in the whole dubai where the authentic Peshawri icecream available….

Moeen Khan

Billo Ice cream makes my connection to Pakistan stronger as living in Dubai also at the same time we enjoy best of Ice creams n shakes.

Sana Maryum

Atmosphere: The truck art theme is a winner! Takes you back to the streets of Pakistan. Menu: The menu is diverse with not only ice cream but falooda and shakes in a variety of flavors. Ordered: Ive ordered the chikoo ice cream, cold coffee, as well the falooda. My favorite is the chikoo ice cream as it takes me back to my childhood, memories of eating it back in Pakistan. The cold coffee is great as well with its addition of coffee ice cream. The servings are generous which is perfect if you have a sweet tooth like me. Service: Staff is friendly and efficient. Price: The price is reasonable considering its made from fresh ingredients without any preservatives (something which is rare nowadays). I disagree with those saying its overpriced. Overall I think Billo is a great place for dessert for people who enjoy real quality flavor and also for those who are conscious about what they are putting into their bodies. All the ice creams are smooth and creamy and made to perfection. I suggest you try it out for yourself!

Mushmoom Khan